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Valuation Report – Valuation Notice
In relation to Top Energy Limited’s line business system fixed assets:

  1. A valuation has been carried out and is publicly disclosed, Form 6 Certification of Valuation report
  2. The valuation report was prepared on 9 December 2004, with an effective valuation date of 31 March 2004
  3. The valuation report states the Optimised Deprival Valuation as $96,695,000

A copy of the full valuation report and addendum can be downloaded here: Audited ODV 2004; (Acrobat pdf file)

This disclosure is provided in accordance with Regulation 19 of the Electricity (Information Disclosure) Regulations 2004.


Electric Line Charges
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Asset Management Plan
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2017 Asset Management Plan Update
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Use of Systems Agreement – Retailers
Use of System Agreements – New Contracts Disclosure
Top Energy – UoSA – Standard Interposed 


Use of Systems Agreement – Distributed Generation
Connection Agreement for Distributed Generation
Top Energy 2017 Directors Cert – S.77
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Information Disclosures
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Top Energy ODV Adjustment Engineers Report


Price Quality Compliance Statement
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Pricing Methodology
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Security of Supply Participant Outage Plan
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