Top Energy operates significant energy infrastructure and is required to operate Safety Management Systems for Public Safety because:

  1. The Group has a legislative obligation to operate safe energy infrastructure; and
  2. The Group is owned by the community and is a responsible corporate citizen.

The following controls will be implemented in support of the Policy:

  1. The Group will comply with applicable legislation, including:
    1. The Electricity Act 1992; and
    2. The Electricity Safety Regulations.
  2. Establishing and operating a systematic, iterative and coordinated end-to-end public safety management system that:
    1. Complies with the requirements of New Zealand Standard NZS 7901: 2008 - Electricity and Gas Industries - Safety Management for Public Safety;
    2. Prevents serious harm to any member of the public or significant property damage from electricity generation, transmission or distribution network assets, and the operation of these assets;
    3. Augments our Risk, Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management initiatives and systems; and
    4. Incorporates regular audits and formal management review to seek, maintain and implement continual improvement in all public safety management processes.

Public Safety Management System (ISO 7901) Certification