This policy is designed to ensure the Group recognises the value and benefits that a diverse and skilled workforce brings. The Group is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and collaborative workplace culture, to create a great place to work for everyone. Being an inclusive culture means that we will listen to and respect opinions from everyone who works here. We value and appreciate the uniqueness that makes us individuals. This policy sets out how the Group will achieve and measure the intention of the policy.


The Group recognises that building a diverse and inclusive workplace culture will result in enhanced relationships with stakeholders, customers and a stronger corporate reputation. The Group is committed to creating an environment where all of our employees are encouraged to reach their full potential. “Diversity” refers to all the ways that make us similar to, or different from, one another. It includes visible differences such as gender, age, ethnicity, physical appearance/disability and nationality, as well as underlying differences such as thinking styles, skills, religion, sexual orientation, cultural background and family status. “Inclusion” refers to creating an environment and culture where all differences are valued, respected and recognised. Everybody has the opportunity to learn, develop, contribute and achieve in the workplace. Therefore, the Group’s commitment to recognising diversity and inclusion extends to all areas of the business including, but not limited to:

  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Staff retention;
  • Performance management;
  • Pay parity;
  • Employment provisions;
  • Flexible work arrangements;
  • Development and talent management;
  • Board Appointments.

Supported by the Board the Group will establish measurable objectives for achieving greater diversity and inclusion.

External Interactions

The Group engages with the community to support the development of a diverse range of individuals. This includes sponsorship and grants for developing future business leaders through scholarships, working with schools to promote career pathways in the industry and encouraging entrepreneur skills and diverse in the areas of science and business. To achieve the objectives Top Energy will:

  • Consider contemporary practice, trends and research in diversity and inclusion;
  • Recommend measurable objectives to the Board for approval;
  • Ensure Top Energy’s culture and internal processes are aligned with and promote Top Energy’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and our sustainability goals;
  • Communicate clear expectations for leaders and employees regarding the actions, conduct and behaviour that support a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace; and
  • Provide relevant training to employees including induction and refresher training.