In order to gain consent to work near the Top Energy network, submit your application below.

Working close to power lines and other electrical equipment can be dangerous.

The New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice for Electrical Safe Distances (NZECP34) requires written consent from the line owner when you:

  1. Undertake work within 4 metres of overhead lines including the use of mobile plant
  2. Undertake excavation within 5 metres of power poles or their supports to a depth of 500mm or more
  3. Intend to erect, construct or install a building or object within the safe working distances set out in the NZECP34
  4. Undertake harvesting of forestry or woodlots near overhead lines

We need a minimum of 5 working days to approve your application. Complex jobs may take more time.

There is no application fee. However, if a Top Energy Asset Protection Officer is required you will be charged for their time.

Repairing lines in storm conditions Ian Delves

Work near power lines (Close approach) application

Company/personal information
Worksite information
Where possible include the Top Energy pole or asset number which can be found as a plate on the pole or asset
Close up of concrete power pole with asset number attached
Must be at least 5 days in the future
Note: Applications with a start date within 5 working days will not be processed.

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Build near the network

Build near the network

Before you build near power lines or cables, engage a Top Energy Planner to make sure you're meeting safe distances

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Locate a cable

Locate a cable

Know the location of underground cables are before you dig or excavate

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