Approved inverters

Top Energy approved inverters currently approved by the Clean Energy Council.

Export congestion

There are no known areas on the Top Energy network that are subject to or expected to be subject to export congestion in the next 12 months.

Regulated terms

The regulated terms can be found in Section 6.2 of the Code. When the Regulated Terms apply is detailed in the Top Energy Specification & Connection Standard, found above.


Payment in full should accompany completed application forms

Fee Schedule Fee (incl GST)
Application 10kW or less $115
- Application deficiency $92
- Inspection $69
Application 10kW or less in specific circumstances* $230
- Observation of testing and inspection $69
Application 10-100kW $575
Application 100kW - 1MW $1150
Application greater than 1MW $5750
- Observation & testing $138

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Locate a cable

Locate a cable

Know the location of underground cables are before you dig or excavate

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Work near power lines

Work near power lines

Get approval before working next to power lines to keep yourself safe and avoid costly network damage.

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