We need a minimum of 5 working days to approve your application. Submit your application below. Complex jobs such as a large sub-division may take longer and require additional resource time and cost.

There is no charge for us to locate the Top Energy owned cables. If you want us to provide location services for cables on private property such as your service cable, the charge is $138 per hour including GST (minimum charge of $138).

You as the applicant, or your contractor are required to be on site when the cables are being located and marked. This is to ensure that the marked-out area is correct and to confirm you fully understand the mark-out and your obligations. Top Energy will call you to make an appointment.

Same day cancellations or failure to be on site at the appointed time will generate a $138 fee.

The process

Top Energy will review its records and provide a plan indicating the approximate location of electrical cables at the worksite location. We then spray paint on the ground the approximate location (but not the depth) determined using an electronic cable locator.

The locating of cables is prone to many variables.

The position is subject to reasonable tolerance and may not be directly below the marked area; and the depth of cover may also have changed since installation as ground levels are altered;

It is the responsibility of the Applicant or their contractor to verify the position of cables before excavating; this must be done with careful potholing by hand digging. Top Energy can produce a quote to provide this service.

The spray paint markings on the ground are only valid for a maximum of 30 days or until they are not clearly visible due to spray paint deterioration, whichever occurs first. If work has not proceeded after 30 days or the markings have disappeared you will be required to apply for another cable location request.

Cable location application

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Cable location details
Street number and name
Street number and name
Build near the network

Build near the network

Before you build near power lines or cables, engage a Top Energy Planner to make sure you're meeting safe distances

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Line ownership

Line ownership

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