The Group is committed to quality and to consistently providing products and services that meet customer and applicable regulatory and statutory requirements because:
  1. An effective and efficient organisation delivers a positive experience for our customers and a rewarding environment for our staff;
  2. An effective and efficient organisation adds value for the benefit of our owners; and
  3. The community owns the Group, and the Group continuously strives to be a model corporate citizen.
Top Energy Group will implement the following controls in support of the Policy:
  1. Establish and operate a systematic, iterative and coordinated end-to-end quality management system that:
    1. Complies with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems - Requirements
    2. Ensures the establishment and review of Quality Objectives during formal Management Review activities (refer to procedures and documents below)
    3. Defines responsibilities and authorities and ensures the communication of these within the organisation
    4. Defines appropriate communication processes that communicate the effectiveness of the quality management system
    5. Augments our Risk, Health and Safety, Environmental, Public Safety and Asset Management initiatives and systems
    6. Incorporates regular audits and formal management reviews to seek, maintain and implement continual improvement in all quality management processes
  2. Maintain a “quality management” culture where Senior Management ensures:
    1. The effectiveness of the quality management system is continually improved
    2. The integrity of the quality management system is maintained when changes to the quality management system are planned and implemented
    3. Quality management is recognised as an everyday part of the business at all levels of our organisation and relevant third parties
    4. Quality awareness is created through training and regular communication of our quality policy and quality objectives, including the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements
  3. Ensure compliance with current applicable legislation, regulatory and statutory requirements and any other requirements under the Group’s Legal and Regulatory Compliance Policy.

Quality Management System (ISO 9001) Certification