Top Energy’s Standard Conditions of approval of proposed work:

This consent certificate does not limit or reduce any liability of the consent holder with respect to their obligations under NZECP 34 Code of Practice for Electrical Safe Distances when working near Top Energy electrical equipment and lines.

The consent holder will be liable for all repair and restoration costs for any damage to any Top Energy Asset.

This application is for one (1) specific location only, if multiple locations are required, as in a drainage ditch digger, you may need a number of consents simultaneously, if unsure please contact the Top Energy Control Centre on 0800 867 363.

Failure to comply with the consent conditions may incur further costs for the applicant and/or withdrawal of the consent.

This consent may be rescinded/rescheduled at any time at Top Energy’s sole discretion to meet our operational needs.

The site supervisor must be contactable by phone on site unless prior arrangement has been made. If this system fails, charges may apply.

The site supervisor must advise Top Energy Control Centre before the commencement of work and completion of work each day, by phoning the Top Energy Control Centre on 0800 867363 ext TECC. The Top Energy Control Centre will confirm the status of the line to the site supervisor on each advice (To ensure the safety of the consent holder and their staff).

The line must be considered “as live” at all times. At no time will any person or any part of any machine or materials make contact with the line, except for approved Top Energy employees working under an access permit.

If any unsafe conditions occur during the work covered by this consent, the work will cease immediately, and the site supervisor will advise the Top Energy Control Centre on 0800 867 363 immediately.

A copy of this consent must be on site and produced on request, at all times while work is being undertaken under this consent.

The consent holder agrees that work can be halted at any time by a Top Energy Employee. While the first site inspection is free, the consent applicant agrees that any cost incurred by Top Energy in carrying out the work in connection with the consent may be charged to the consent holder and payable to Top Energy Ltd. Please request a quote if unsure.