We won’t all be rushing back to the office all at once, we will return progressively to maintain social distancing while we work.

We are all still available, get in contact by calling 0800 867 363.

If you do need to come and see us, you can pop in to our Kerikeri office or depots, providing you follow our processes and checks to comply with hygiene, contact tracing and physical distancing. We are not back to handshakes just yet.

If we come in contact with you while working in the field, we will ask for your details for contact tracing.

We will continue to work safely, maintaining physical distancing, good hygiene practices, and staying in our assigned work bubbles.

Please keep an eye on your neighbours, elderly or vulnerable people in our community.

Latest news

Published 30/06/20

Top Energy delivers strong financial results in a year with some significant challenges

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Published 29/06/20

A great catch for local growth

This year's Top Energy Business Development Fund was hooked by Messina Trustees LImited

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Published 13/05/20

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Level 2 Update

Moving to Alert Level 2, we will offer a full range of services, however we will be still be working a little differently.

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Published 28/04/20

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

As we move into Alert Level 3 we will continue to manage the risk of exposure to Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

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