Subdivision Connection

Use this form when you require power at the property boundary, and you are subdividing land into multiple lots.

An application fee of $100 is required before your application is processed. You can pay the application fee at any of our offices, or by online banking into account number 02-0332-0011638-00 using your name as the payment reference. We do not accept credit card payments.

You will receive a response within 10 days with a design quote, an estimate to complete the job, and what needs to happen to get your subdivision connected.

On payment of the design quote, it will take between 4-12 weeks to receive a design plan and a quote to complete the work. We will let you know if an easement applies to your property as this will add time to the start of work.

Once the design plan is complete, we will arrange a site visit, and then work with you on delivery timeframes.

Applicant Details

Site Details

Electrical Contractor

Connection Details

Please identify:
– the location of your property
– where electricity supply is required
– property boundaries
– nearby road names
– direction of nearest township
– any other useful landmarks

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If you prefer, you can Download a printable application form and bring the completed form into our office, or send it to us by email at