High Load

Please note that we will be operating on low staff levels with only essential fault work being performed over the Christmas and New Year period to give our staff a well-deserved break. Therefore, the close off date for the completion of all consents will be Friday 13 December 2019.

We will not be accepting or processing applications for Close Approach Consents, Cable Locations and High Load Consents between Friday 13 December 2019 and Monday 6 January 2020.

In the New Year, we will be accepting applications from Monday 6 January 2020 but please remember that a minimum of five (5) working days is required to process your application.  If your application has a work or start date before Monday 13 January 2019  it will be automatically declined.

High Load refers to the transportation of any tall structure such as a house or other oversized load as it has the potential to damage overhead power lines and pose a public safety risk.

You need a High Load Consent from Top Energy to transport loads with an overall height of 5 metres or more. There is a $50 application fee and additional charges if a Top Energy escort or shutdown is required.


High Load Application Form


Top Energy requires a minimum of five (5) working days notice before a High Load Consent Application can be approved. Please fill out all fields to avoid delays.

Applications which do not have a valid contact number and email will not be processed.

Route Information

Consent Details

Applications with a proposed transport date within 5 working days of the application will not be processed.

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In submitting this High Load Consent application, I, as the applicant, agree that transport will occur on the consent dates and times, as stated on the High Loads Consent issued.

You must have read, understood and agree to the High Load Consent Terms, as part of terms of this application.

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