Jessica Mooney, the latest recipient of Top Energy’s Engineering Scholarship, is delighted with her win.

Already back at The University of Auckland for the second year of her Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree, she’s excited about the future and the potential to use what she’s learning to make a difference in the world.

A love of maths and physics made engineering a natural choice for Jessica. It helped that her brother was studying engineering – he’s in his final year. She was intrigued by what he was learning and how his work experience enabled him to put that into practice. He encouraged her to apply.

It was during the first year of her degree that she saw her future in engineering sciences.

This discipline uses a combination of mathematical modelling, electronics, mechanics, materials, operations research and computer programming to build computer models that solve complex problems and to predict and manage the behaviour of materials and natural systems.

Jessica was attracted to how engineering could help organisations create solutions and technology that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

She believes her creative side helps her to look at problems from a different perspective, and there are huge challenges facing the environment. It is what she will specialise in.

Hardworking and dedicated, the Kerikeri High School student is an academic high achiever that consistently showed herself to be an excellent role model for others.

She was a Peer Support leader in high school helping Year 7 students settle into their new school, a Reading and Calculus tutor, and despite all her academic and sporting commitments, she took advantage of every opportunity to broaden her knowledge and build leadership skills.

Jessica’s work ethic, academic record and brilliant first-year marks made her stand out amongst the high calibre of applicants last year.

Chief Executive Russell Shaw is impressed by the talented pool of students in the Far North and encourages them to get their applications in for the next selection round in October 2023.

The scholarship can open opportunities that may not have been previously available to the student.

The scholarship provides $8,000 per year of study for a maximum of four years. It aims to assist Far North students wishing to study engineering and who have already achieved an excellent academic record.

The scholarship is part of a suite of sponsorship initiatives offered by Top Energy for the benefit of the Far North community. These include the Electricity Rescue Helicopter - an essential lifeline for remote rural communities, and the Top Energy Business Development Fund, which offers grants to existing or new businesses which have the potential to grow the economy in the Far North.

For more information contact: Philippa White, 021 2418740.