Trees too close to powerlines can cause power surges, power outages and fires. If a person touches a tree that's in contact with a powerline they can get an electric shock.

To protect the safety of the public and the security of the power supply, there are legal requirements under the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003.
This sets out what distances trees and other vegetation must legally be kept from powerlines and whose responsibility it is.

Tree regs 2

What do I do if vegetation is near the Network lines?

1. Check if your trees are growing near the Network lines - please don't put any measurement tools near powerlines.

2. Do the trees look like they're near the Notice of growth Limit Zone? (Figure 1)

No. Continue to keep an eye on them We recommend removing any trees that could fall or contact the lines or that are fast growing (like bamboo)

Yes. Cutting and trimming trees near powerlines can lead to electric shocks. If there are trees near your powerlines, call us on 0800 867 363.

3. We will advise you of the next steps. Your first cut may be free.

Who is responsible?

Property owners are legally responsible to keep trees clear of lines and outside the growth limit zone, at their own expense. (Figure 2)

If you are a tree owner who is given a Cut and Trim Notice, and you fail to get the tree cut or trimmed, or fail to advise us when the tree will be cut or trimmed, you could receive a fine of up to $10,000 plus up to $500 for every day the offence continues.

What do I do if vegetation is near my Service line?

A service line is the main power line that connects your property to the Network. This line is owned by you and is not covered by the Tree Regulations, however you are still responsible for keeping trees and vegetation clear of this line.

We can provide a temporary safety disconnection to your power so that you can safely trim these trees yourself.

Consider calling professionals who can safely get the job done, especially for large trees and vegetation.

You can only trim trees if in doing so you, the tools and machinery you are using, and any part of the tree is more than 4 meters away from powerlines. If you are unsure, call us for advice.