As a property owner or contractor, you may need to fell trees, ram posts, or dig trenches near power lines and underground cables.
If you come into contact with one you could be seriously injured.
It's important to put your safety first.

Close approach consents

Working close to power lines and other electrical equipment can be dangerous. If you need to dig within 5 meters of a Top Energy power pole, or operate machinery within 4 meters of our power lines or electrical equipment, you need to let us know so we can keep you safe.

This includes activities like putting up boundary fences, trimming shelter belts, maintaining drains, undertaking ground work or erecting scaffolding.

Apply for a Close Approach Consent on our website 10 working days before you want the work to take place through our online application.

There is no application fee. However, if a Top Energy Asset Protection Officer is required on site, there is a charge for their time.

Cable locate

Locating cables before you dig

There are many cables buried in properties, sections and sites in the Far North. For your safety, it makes sense to know if power cables are present and where they are before you start digging. Top Energy has a Cable Locate service to make things easy for you.

Within a property boundary

Locating your service cable costs $138 per hour, the first hour is charged in full. Remember, you own the service cable on your property and are responsible for the cost of any repairs.

On public property or the roadside

It’s likely any cables are owned by Top Energy and there is no charge for us to locate them for you. However, if you damage them, you are responsible for the cost of any damage you cause.

Request a Cable Locate service 5 working days before you start through our online application.

Remember to treat power lines and underground cables as live at all times.

What to do if you hit a power line or underground cable

  • If someone is hurt, dial 111 and request an ambulance.
  • Call Top Energy on 0800 867 363.
  • Stay on site to keep others safe from danger, and to show Top energy where the damage is.