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Hitting carbon zero at the Ngāwhā Geothermal Power Station has placed the station and lead engineer Fabian Hanik as finalists in this year’s New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards.

Fabian Hanik, has been named a finalist in the Young Energy Professional of Year category and Ngāwhā Generation Limited (NGL)is a finalist in the Low Carbon Future Award category.

Until recently, the stations at Ngāwhā were the highest greenhouse gas emitting geothermal power stations in New Zealand. The increasing cost of emissions tax under New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme would make their operation uneconomical.

With the station facing an uncertain future, Fabian led an in-house team to develop an innovative and low-cost solution that would capture and reinject 100% of carbon emissions from the power stations back into the geothermal reservoir.

The Non-Condensable Gas Re-injection initiative was a resounding success.

Station One at NGL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Top Energy, has become the first zero emissions power station in New Zealand with the entire operation on track to be completely carbon zero by the end of 2023.

Thanks to Fabian and his team, NGL will continue to provide a local, cost-effective and independent source of electricity for the Far North.

Ray Robinson, General Manager at NGL says being finalists in both categories recognises the company’s groundbreaking efforts to establish New Zealand's first zero carbon emitting geothermal power station and NGL as a leader in sustainable energy solutions.

“I’m incredibly proud of Fabian and the entire team at NGL. Their efforts have not only ensured the continued success of geothermal generation in the Far North (with the flow on benefits), but they have also had a significant impact on lowering the delivered cost of electricity for our community.”

Through their dedication, innovation, and commitment to a zero-carbon future, NGL is driving New Zealand towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape. Winners of the 2023 New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards will be announced on 31 August at Te Pau, Christchurch.

About Ngāwhā Generation Ltd

Ngāwhā Generation Limited (NGL) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Top Energy Group operating Ngāwhā a small fleet of power stations in the small community of Ngāwhā in the Far North. The station generates 55 MW and supplies 125% of the Far North's electricity demand 95% of the year, with excess power exported south through the National Grid. Ngāwhā directly contributes to relieving the bottle neck of transmission located at Auckland, which must import electricity generated further south to supply Auckland, Whangarei and the rest of Northland.