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The cost of connecting

If Top Energy needs to enhance our network in order to enable your connection, you will receive an estimate for the work, and a quote for the design to be done.

Once the design is complete you will receive a quote for the work to be done.

You are responsible for all other costs not involving the Top Energy network.

Capital Contribution

A Capital contribution may be a component of a quote when you apply for a new connection. The amount of your contribution is calculated from the actual cost of the extension work.

It’s your contribution to the cost of extending or upgrading of the Distribution Network to provide you with an electricity supply. Without a contribution from you, it would not be economic for Top Energy to provide you with a connection.

The detail of this is covered in the Capital Contribution Guide.

Network Capacity Charge

A Network Capacity Charge is a non-refundable portion of the Capital Contribution and pays for the consumption of existing network capacity and/or future network capacity to meet the requirements of your application.
You can find more information about the Network Capacity Charge in section 3 of the Capital Contribution Guide.

Line ownership

In most cases, you own the electricity line from your house or building to the point where it crosses onto public land.

Your electrician can do any work on your property except where you’re connected to a high voltage line.

Electricity lines in the public space are the Top Energy network, and only Top Energy can work on the network in the public space.

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Easements are required when the line supplying your connection goes through a neighbouring property or if the line is on private property and will be owned by Top Energy.

Top Energy can advise you of easement requirements when they design your connection.

Who does what?

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