1. This application provides Top Energy with the information to assess the impact of the proposed work on the Network and to enable a quotation to be prepared.

2. Following the receipt of this application AND payment of the application fee, Top Energy will provide you with one of the following;

a. For Standard New Connections, we will endeavour to provide you with a quotation within ten (10) working days.

b. For Upgrade / Extension Works we will endeavour to provide you with a design quotation letter within ten (10) working days. Following acceptance of the quotation, one of our team will contact you to discuss project requirements and indicative time frames.

3. It is important that all panels on this form are completed with as much detail as possible. If in doubt, ask your electrician to assist or contact Top Energy for guidance.

4. For a new connection, this application is for the physical connection of your installation to the Top Energy Network ONLY. You will need to contact an electricity retailer to provide your electricity supply. The Retailer will require an ICP number for your installation, which will be provided to you following acceptance and payment of Top Energy’s quotation.

5. Any installation must comply with the current AS/ANZ 3000, and Electricity Safety Regulations and subsequent amendments.

6. Applications are valid for a period of three (3) months from date of approval.

• Timeframes are indicative and can vary depending on workload at the time the application is received.

• Standard New Connection Work is limited to: Work required to connect a standard installation to the Network for which power is readily available at the property boundary.

• Upgrade / Extension Work consist of but are not necessarily limited to: Work required to connect a non-standard installation, or a standard installation to the Network for which a Network upgrade and/or extension is required or, subdivision developments or, line relocations/removals and other such work.

7. Your quote may include a Capital Contribution which is the cost of adding capacity to the Top Energy Network to provide your property with power.  You can read about Capital Contributions in detail in the Top Energy Capital Contribution Guide FAQs.

8. Once your New Connection is complete, Top Energy may contact you to see if you are happy with the service you received and your new connection. You can opt out of this customer satisfaction survey.

9. If your New Connection has been paid for but is not completed within 2 years then the assigned ICP will be permanently removed, and you will need to reapply. If you know this will be the case ahead of time, contact our Estimating department on 0800 867 363

10. In signing and/or paying for this application you agree that this information may be provided to your retailer of choice to enable them to accept you as their customer.