By making an application to Transport a High Load, the applicant agrees:

  1. Any consent issued by Top Energy is valid for the date and time specified in the consent.
  2. Should any damage occur to the electricity network due to incorrect information provided on the application, the applicant will cover all network repair costs and any third-party claims arising from the damage, including consequential damage and legal and other costs associated with the same.
  3. To abide by the terms of the consent and the directions of Top Energy’s escort (if any)
  4. All due care shall be taken during transportation of the load, whether the load is escorted or not.
  5. The driver of the transporting vehicle must carry a copy of the consent and produce it upon request.
  6. The driver of the transporting vehicle must allow Top Energy staff to measure the load on request. The consent becomes null and void if the load is over the height stated.
  7. Where a Top Energy escort is required:
  • The driver of the transporting vehicle must follow the directions of their escort regarding safeguarding the electricity network conductors and associated equipment.
  • The company transporting the high load will supply mobile radios to the Top Energy escort vehicle so they can communicate with the driver of the vehicle transporting the load.
  • A Top Energy escort vehicle must be in front of the first over-dimension load.


The applicant will pay all charges made by Top Energy and/or their approved contractors for transporting this load.

  • A $50 GST inclusive application fee will be charged for applications where the load height exceeds 5.0m
  • Any escort costs for load heights at or over 5.4 metres will be charged to the applicant.
  • It is a Top Energy health and safety requirement that staff undertaking any work between 0200 hours and 0430 hours of more than four hours in duration between 2200 hours and 0730 hours be required to have a stand-down period of up to nine hours. Costs incurred as a result of this requirement for loads at or over 5.4 metres will be charged to the applicant and are in addition to any charges for the load escort itself. Failure to pay all charges relating to this application may result in declining future applications.