Compliance and safety distances



If you are planning on building or placing a structure near the overhead electricity network, both Top Energy or privately owned lines, you must contact a Top Energy Planning Engineer to ensure your plans are compliant and within safety distances.

The planning engineer will assess the site plans to ensure the proposals comply with the New Zealand Code of Practice 34 – Safety Distances (NZECP 34:2001).

The minimum safe distances differ depending on the voltage of the overhead lines.

Top Energy will advise whether:

  • The proposed building/structure complies with NZECP 34:2001 and construction can proceed without restriction, or
  • Temporary arrangements during construction need to be made, with the prior written agreement of Top Energy, to restrain conductor movement or to provide suitable insulation to allow closer approach to the conductors, but only during construction. As part of the written agreement, Top Energy may prescribe reasonable conditions for these temporary arrangements; or
  • The proposed building/structure does not comply with requirements and therefore construction is prohibited (and if construction has commenced, must cease immediately).



If you require Top Energy Network Maps for planning and design purposes only, please email For excavating you will need to apply for a Cable Locate.

It may take up to five working days to receive a recommendation and you will be advised of any charges that may incur.

Note: Applications which do not have a valid contact number and email will not be processed.
Please provide your site plan including elevations of the building showing the power line or cable location, photos of lines and poles in relation to the site, and the intended location of the building.

By submitting the Planning Engineer Advice Application form, you are agreeing to comply with the advice and direction given by Top Energy in order to keep you safe and protect the Top Energy Network which includes Close Approach Consent if required.

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