Who we are

Top Energy Limited is the local electricity generation and lines network company which supplies 30,000 electricity consumers in the Mid and Far North of New Zealand’s North Island.

First established in 1935, the Company is owned by its power consumers. Top Energy’s shares are held by the Top Energy Consumer Trust (formerly the Bay of Islands Electric Power Trust) on behalf of electricity consumers in the region.

Top Energy is a major contributor to the community’s financial well-being, managing assets of over $300 million and employing over 200 staff. As one of the largest businesses based in the region, Top Energy is uniquely placed to act as a catalyst to develop economic potential in the region. Not only does the company’s asset base provide the necessary substance to lead new projects but the experience and knowledge of its existing staff provides a base from which new staff can be trained to deliver quality results to customers.

By paying salaries and wages and buying goods and services from local businesses, the company pumps nearly $10 million each year into the local economy. In addition, over $5 million is paid out annually to local power consumers, through a line charge discount or a dividend.

Using accepted economic theory, this means Top Energy creates up to $35 million in community funding – a solid base from which the local economy can grow.