13th Aug 2015

Top Energy is warning people in Kerikeri and other towns across the Mid and Far North about a gang of rogue tree cutters impersonating Top Energy staff and pressurising property-owners into handing over large sums of money to have trees cut or trimmed.

The company has had reports of “three large Polynesians with foreign accents and driving an unmarked white van” claiming to be working for it and using stand-over tactics to intimidate residents of Kerikeri into having work done immediately.

The gang wear high-visibility vests with no logos or visible identification.

We want people across our network region to be on the look-out for these unscrupulous con-men,” said Russell Shaw, chief executive of Top Energy. “If anyone is approached for this type of work by people matching this description they should ask to see Top Energy identification and, when this isn’t forthcoming, they should contact the police immediately.”

All Top Energy vegetation clearance staff drive company-branded vehicles, wear company-branded clothing with their names clearly visible, and carry company identification, Mr Shaw said.

Top Energy staff will not insist on work being undertaken ‘on the spot’ and will always provide written quotes for any work they are asked to do.



CUSTOMERS: For all questions about your power supply and the status of repairs please contact the Top Energy call centre on 0800-TOPENERGY / 0800-867363


MEDIA: For more information please contact:

Peter Heath

peter.heath@topenergy.co.nz / 09-4074695 / 021-456353




Belinda Peddie, Top Energy

belinda.peddie@topenergy.co.nz / 09-4070603.