Following recent public concern about the safety and stability of power poles, Top Energy wishes to give the following assurances about its network.


Top Energy is committed to providing a safe, reliable and resilient network for the people of the Far North.


Safety is a number one priority for the company and one which will not be compromised.


We operate a rigorous and comprehensive inspection system to ensure the 37,000 poles (1,800 wooden) are safe for the public and those working on the network.


Scheduled inspection occurs on five yearly rotation with 20% of the network closely inspected each year.


We are up to date in our inspection and replacement programme; over the next three months we will replace 51 wooden poles, and over the next year 60 wooden poles will be replaced.


Our inspections on concrete poles involve checking for major cracks or other damage, spalling concrete, bowing, leaning and hardware condition. Wooden poles are inspected for rot or other damage, bowing, leaning and hardware condition.


In addition to the scheduled inspections, any poles requiring replacement or maintenance are identified with a red “DO NOT CLIMB” tag and prioritised for replacement.  If a pole is identified as presenting a risk of failure, it will be replaced immediately.


We will immediately action an inspection of any pole that is highlighted as potentially being of concern and there are strict regulations and guidelines around this.


If any member of the public is concerned about a pole we encourage them to contact us on 0800 867 363 so that we can assess its condition.


For more information please contact:

Philippa White / 021-2418740