Service Mains

Your Service Main is the power line that connects your property to Top Energy’s lines network.

This is either an overhead line or underground cable that runs from a power pole in the street to the meter box at your home or business. THIS POWER LINE IS OWNED BY YOU. Free cuts or trims from Top Energy do NOT apply to Service Mains.

In general terms a Service Main is a line on private property or properties that supplies fewer than three customers. However there are exceptions to this rule. Once your Service Main leaves the power network on publicly owned land, it may cross a neighbouring private property or properties. You are responsible for maintaining the entire length of your Service Main in a safe and compliant condition. This may mean you have to negotiate access and gain permission to cut trees on your neighbour’s land in order to maintain your Service Main. There may be a legal easement in your favour within the title of your neighbour’s property giving you legal rights.

Service Mains that supply more than one customer are defined as jointly owned Service Mains and the responsibility is shared proportionally between the owners.


Top Energy is not obliged to inspect the trees and vegetation around Service Mains, but may observe an issue in the course of its other tasks. If an issue is observed, Top Energy may issue a Risk Advice. This does not in any way reduce the responsibility of the Service Main owner for inspecting their own line for tree and vegetation clearance.

If you wish to cut or trim vegetation near your privately owned Service Main, we strongly recommend that you engage a competent contractor who will have the essential knowledge, skills and specialist equipment to conduct the work safely. You can Freephone Top Energy on 0800 867 363 for a list of known competent contractors.
To facilitate safe working, Top Energy will on request usually be able to disconnected and reconnected your Service Main, without charge during normal business hours and within town boundaries.

However, even disconnected lines must be treated as live at all times and you should never come into direct contact with a disconnected line while undertaking any tree work.

Where private Service Mains are not maintained to the required standard, or pose a risk to safety, Top Energy is legally permitted to disconnect the electricity supply until remedial work is completed.