Top Energy will be cutting power to Kaitaia and surrounding areas for most of the day on Sunday 1 February so it can repair damage caused by the July storms and undertake essential maintenance on the main electricity transmission line into Kaitaia.

A nine-hour power outage is planned for the day, starting at 8am. This will impact all districts north of the Mangamuka Gorge as far north as Cape Reinga, including everywhere north of the Hokianga Harbour with the exception of Kohukohu township and some surrounding areas, and some parts of the Taipa, Mangonui, Coopers Beach and Cable Bay districts.

A separate outage lasting for about an hour between 5pm and 6pm is planned for the East Coast area to enable Top Energy to transfer the electricity supply there from generators back onto the network, and to carry out some important maintenance testing.

The areas affected by this separate outage include all districts on the East Coast from Taupo Bay up to and including Inland Road as far as Simon Urlich Road, Cable Bay, Chucks Cove, Coopers Beach, Fairburn, Fern Flat, Hihi, Honeymoon Valley, Kaitaia, Kenana, Kohumaru, Mangonui, Mill Bay, Oruaiti, Oruru, Paewhenua Island, Pamapuria, Paranui, Parapara, Peria and Taipa. Also, inland areas including Fairburn, Fern Flat, Oruru, Paranui, Parapara, Pekerau and Peria.
People affected by the nine hour outage will not be impacted by the one hour power cut. And vice versa.

Top Energy is running advertisements in most local newspapers from now until the planned outage, detailing the areas affected. It will also publish a map on its website ( to show where the outages will take place.
Further information is available on the website, or from Top Energy’s helpline, 0800 TOPENERGY (0800 867363).

The work is part of Top Energy’s Far North electricity network investment programme to ensure a more reliable supply of electricity to the region. But for it to be undertaken safely the line needs to be taken out of service.

The company will also be taking the opportunity to repair some damage remaining from the storm of July 2014 which disrupted electricity supplies to large parts of the region for several days.

“We know this will be inconvenient for people and we apologise sincerely for that,” said Top Energy CEO Russell Shaw.

“Unfortunately there is no ideal time to switch the power off. But, because this is currently the only transmission line to supply the Far North, it’s important to keep it properly maintained to reduce the chance of unplanned outages.”

Shaw wants people to remember to treat all electricity lines as ‘live’ for the duration of the outage.

“Supply will be restored without warning so it’s important that people keep clear of the lines,” he said.

This dependence on a single 110kV transmission line will not last for much longer. Top Energy is in the process of building a second line up the East Coast. This, and other projects including the construction of new sub stations, will greatly improve the availability and security of the region’s electricity supply.


Please click here to view a map showing the areas which will be affected.

For more information please contact:

Peter Heath / 09-4074695 / 021-456353
Russell Shaw, Top Energy / 09-4070603