Project overview


Top Energy is proposing to expand the geothermal electricity generation capacity at its existing Ngawha power station by constructing two new 25MW power stations. The “expansion project” is in the early stages of planning and Top Energy is consulting with key stakeholders; including those people who will likely be directly affected by the project.

Top Energy expects to apply to the Northland Regional Council and Far North District Council for the consents required to construct the proposed power stations by the end of 2014; once the assessments of environmental effects, as well as consultation with key stakeholders and directly affected parties have been completed. The first power station could be commissioned in 2023; which is timed for the forecasted increase in national electricity demand, although an earlier date cannot be ruled out.

An estimated investment of around $250M is needed to build the power stations, which will be funded by Top Energy and by bringing in some additional investors.

The proposed new power stations will likely be constructed of the same or similar equipment, and will operate in the much the same way as the existing power stations.