Latest update


Here is a brief update on our key activities:

Technical work conducted

Scientific research has been continued since 2007 and indicates that there may be potential for up to 100MW of new geothermal electricity generation from the broader Ngawha field. Research has included reservoir modelling to estimate the size and parameters of the geothermal field and tracer testing to identify the properties of the geothermal resource. However, at this juncture development of 2 new 25 MW units is proposed, although further “exploration” in the north (where Top Energy already owns a number of properties) may show that further expansion is possible there at some time in the future.


Top Energy is now discussing the proposal with stakeholders, including those residents and landowners located closest to the project site.

If you believe that you or your interest group is likely to be directly affected by the proposal, please contact Top Energy to discuss how you can have your say.

Resource consent application

The technical work and consultation activities that are currently underway will need to be completed before Top Energy can draft the final resource consent application. Early plans for what the resource consent application may contain are being discussed during consultation with directly affected parties and other key stakeholders. Top Energy expects to lodge resource consent later this year (2014).