Native flora and fauna


Native New Zealand bird life

The Ngawha geothermal site is home to many native New Zealand birds, including Tomtit, Fantail, Pipit, NZ Brown Kiwi and the Fernbird (Matata).

The North Island Fernbird is classified as ‘sparse’ by the Department of Conservation and, although difficult to find, has been identified at the Ngawha geothermal site.


Native New Zealand fish life

The North Island Mudfish, classified as ‘critically endangered’ can only be found in the wetlands near the Kerikeri Airport and at Ngawha. Eels can also be found onsite, living in the outer-lying waterways (receiving waters) at Ngawha.


Native New Zealand plant life

The native Sun Orchid, a pretty flowering plant, and Sedge (Baumea complanta) a plant that is only found in the Ngawha wetlands, both thrive at the Ngawha geothermal site.