Power station and pipeline construction


The components of the power stations are mostly built offsite and will arrive at Top Energy’s Ngawha power plant in modular form. This means that they will require minimal construction and to take about 12 months to complete each power station build.

Although construction activities will be limited to Top Energy’s Ngawha plant, some effects (eg heavy transport) can be experienced in more public areas. A number of truck and trailer units are required to transport the drilling rig to and from the site. This means that there will be increased heavy traffic along the selected routes of SH 1, SH 12 and Ngawha Springs Road during the project setup, construction and close-down stages.

The selected routes and transportation times will be designed to minimise the impact on those people residing close to Top Energy’s Ngawha plant, as well as the broader community. Professional traffic safety management practices will be in place as required to ensure employee, contractor and public safety. We will work carefully with all relevant parties to ensure that these effects are minimised as much as possible.