Power Consumer’s responsibilities
Power consumers must furnish a completed Customer Initiated Works Application Form and must also have entered into a supply agreement with an Energy Retailer.

Top Energy’s responsibilities
Top Energy is responsible to provide an appropriate electricity supply in terms of voltage, connection, polarity and correct fusing – to suit the connection up to the Network Connection Point .

Electrician’s responsibilities
Only Registered Electricians and approved Electrical Contractors are authorised to undertake construction for a supply connection. Electricians must:

  • Construct the service-main and installation as per the Network Connection Standards
  • Size the Service Main to suit demand and voltage criteria
  • Provide metering space for the Energy Retailer
  • Provide a Certificate of Compliance on completion of the Service Main and the installation.

Energy Retailer’s responsibilities
The Electricity Retailer responsibilities are to:

  • Provide and install metering
  • Receive and pass on to Top Energy, the Network Line Charges
  • Send regular power bills to power consumers, for all electricity supplied
  • Provide ongoing customer service.

Guidelines for Load Groups
This is to clarify Top Energy requirements for all power consumers who apply for a new, temporary or altered load network connection.

Small Home (2 bedrooms): Stove, water cylinder, lighting, fridge, deep freezer, one electric heater. Maximum demand = 10 kW per house. Normally a single, or 2-phase connection. A single phase is only for high density urban areas and Service Mains up to 20 metres.

Average-sized Home (3-4 bedrooms): Stove, 2 water cylinders, lighting, fridge, deep freezer and two electric heaters. Maximum demand = 15 kW per house. Normally a 2-phase connection.

Large Executive Home (4 bedrooms or more): Stove, 2 water cylinders, lighting, 2 fridges, deep freezer, under floor heating, air conditioner, spa pool. Maximum demand = 30 kW per house. Normally a 3-phase connection.

Please allow up to 15 working days for Top Energy to approve your supply connection. Your installing electrician will need to advise Top Energy at least 5 working days before the Service Main is ready to be connected to the network.

NOTE: It may take up to an additional 15 working days to obtain consents from Far North District Council and/or obstruction clearances from other utilities with underground services before trenching can begin in respect of the connections that require trenching in a road reserve.

Livening the connection
The Service Mains can be livened only when:

  • the line is constructed
  •  the metering installed
  • all Top Energy endorsements complied with
  • the Electrical Compliance Certificate is completed and
  • a service request received by Top Energy from the Energy Retailer

Advice to Top Energy when the installation is ready to liven may be by either your installing electrician, or your Energy Retailer. When Top Energy is made aware that livening is required and that all requirements are in place, livening will take place.

Top Energy will advise the Energy Retailer when the installation has been livened.