Capital Contributions FAQs

What is a Capital Contribution?

That sum is your contribution to the cost of extending or upgrading of the Distribution Network to provide you with supply. Without a contribution from you it would not be economic for Top Energy to provide you with a supply.


What is a Network Capacity Charge (NCC)?

The Network Capacity Charge is a Non-Refundable Capital Contribution that pays for the consumption of existing network capacity and the need to upgrade the network if the capacity expires, in order to meet the requirements of your application


How is a Capital Contribution calculated?

The value of your contribution is calculated from the actual cost of the extension work.


Does it mean I own the line?

Payment of a Capital Contribution does not grant any ownership rights over Top Energy’s line or equipment. Top Energy keeps ownership of the line and in return undertakes to maintain the line as required for thirty years. After that time, repairs and refurbishment of the line will be made at Top Energy’s discretion and after economic assessment of the lines viability.


You do however own and have full rights over your service line which has been priced completely separately and does not affect the value of the Capital Contribution in any way.


Can I get my money back?

The capital contribution that you pay represents the uneconomic cost of constructing the supply to you. You may, within five years of the payment date, receive refunds of part or all of your Capital Contribution if any other customer connects to the piece of line or equipment for which you paid your contribution.


Refunds will be paid out within one month of the reassessment or the full connection of the new customers. No refunds are payable beyond 5 years from the date of the original contribution.


Do I get interest on my money?

When refunds are calculated no provision is made for interest, depreciation, nor inflation. All calculations are on an actual dollar basis.


What happens if I sell the property.

The rights over the power supply to the property change with the ownership of the property. If the land is split then the rights go with the title on which the consumer is located. Therefore, any refund entitlements will be transferred in the same way.


How do I get more information?

The Capital Contribution Guide can be found below.

If you require to know more about the Top Energy Capital Contribution Scheme please contact the person who sent your quotation letter. If they are not able to answer you, they will arrange for someone else to contact you.


Please, click the link to view our Capital Contribution Guide.

For any other questions please call our Estimating Team on 0800 867 363.