Getting Connected – How to Apply

Applications are required for all:

  • new network connections,
  • temporary connections
  • existing supply load alterations and
  • permanent disconnections
  • amalgamation or deconsolidation
  • Subdivisions
  • Line alterations and/or asset relocation

and must be made on the Customer Initiated Works Application form.

Application Forms must be completed fully and with sufficient detail to enable Top Energy to process the application. This includes complete site information, with a drawing of the exact physical location where the connection is required. If inadequate information is received, applications will be returned for clarification and delays will occur.

It is important to accurately estimate the maximum kW load your supply connection requires and record this on the Application Form. To help you calculate this, please refer to the Load Group Guidelines below:

To Apply, please follow these instructions:

  1. Please make sure you complete the Customer Initiated Works Application form in full.  If you are applying to increase the load on an existing supply, please ensure the ICP Number (found on your Energy Retailer power bills) is entered on the Form.


NOTE: An application for an increased load must be submitted in the following circumstances:

  • An increase in the number of phases (e.g. single phase to 2 or 3-phase)
  • An increase in the required connection fuse rating (e.g. 60A to 100A)
  • Any additional meter and/or controlled load/relay
  • Any significant increase in load within the existing connected fuse rating

Similarly, a decreased load application must be submitted if the reverse is true.

  1. Send the Application Form to the Energy Retailer of your choice. Once you have completed the Customer Initiated Works Application form please mail, fax or e-mail them to Top Energy for approval of the connection, or the increase in supply load.
  2. Top Energy receives and processes Application Form. Upon receipt of the Application Form Top Energy will process the application. If the application is for a connection to a house, or other straightforward installation and a suitable Network Connection Point is available then:
  • the application will be approved
  • an ICP Number will be issued and
  • the approved form will be forwarded to your retailer and meter installing contractor.  This should be completed within 5 working days.

If the installation is more complex, or alterations or extensions are required to the Top Energy network in order to supply your property, you or your electrician will be notified of the need for further investigation.

If any changes to our network are required to provide sufficient capacity at the network connection point, a power consumer contribution may be required to contribute towards the cost of the new/altered infrastructure.  In this case a quote will be forwarded to you within two weeks. Full payment will be required prior to works proceeding and lead times for the installation may vary between one to three months. This that case:

  1. A quote for the design of the network upgrade work will be forwarded to you, generally within three weeks of us receiving your query.
  2. Once the design quote has been paid, we will complete the design.
  3. You will be advised of the expected design timeframe acceptance.
  4. Once the design is complete a fixed price quote will be prepared.
  5. Full payment will be required prior to work proceeding.  Lead times for the installation may vary between one to three months, depending on the complexity of the work required and delivery of any special materials.
  6. Upon receipt of payment, your Top Energy Application Form will be approved and forwarded to your selected Energy Retailer.

Applications will be declined if insufficient information is provided, or any power consumer contribution for infrastructure work is not first paid in full. If this process is not followed for any increases in load, you may be liable for costs to upgrade the network.