Contractor Approval Process

If you represent an electrical contractor which wishes to apply to become an ‘Approved Contractor’ on the Top Energy Ltd Network, please follow the process outlined below.

Approved Contractors
An Approved Contractor is a contractor that has attained and retains approval from Top Energy to carry out work on Top Energy electrical assets. An Approved Contractor may, subject to its respective Approved Contractor Licence and any relevant work order or contract, carry out work on, or within four metres of, any of Top Energy’s electricity network assets (Work on the Network).

To qualify as an Approved Contractor an applicant must be able to demonstrate that:

  • it fully appreciates, accepts, and is managing its obligations under all relevant and applicable law (including, for example, the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, the Resource Management Act 1991, the Electricity Act 1992 and all associated subordinate legislation);
  • it fully appreciates, accepts and complies with Top Energy’s requirements and specifications, as described within its Asset Management Documents;
  • it fully appreciates, accepts and adopts appropriate and relevant industry standards in so far as applicable;
  • without limitation, it has implemented operating practices and procedures that meet all the Relevant Requirements;
  • without limitation, its employees and all subcontractors meet all relevant competency requirements in respect of the work types for which the Applicant seeks approval; and
  • it has in place systems, practices and procedures to ensure that it will always meet the approval requirements.

An Approved Contractor Licence is required by all contractors who may wish to Work on the Network, irrespective of how, when or for whom they work, or who manages the work, or pays for it.  For example, an Approved Contractor Licence is required for work on the Top Energy Network, where the engagement is made by or for;

  • Top Energy Network Asset Management Group,
  • Top Energy Contracting Services,
  • Top Electrical,
  • An approved vegetation control contractor,
  • A third party, where assets will be connected to the Network, or where Top Energy will become the owner, operator, manager or maintainer of the assets  – for example, a network extension or augmentation known by Top Energy as customer initiated work; and
  • Third Parties not directly engaged by Top Energy that requires them to work within 4 metres of Top Energy’s electricity network.

The Contractor Approval Process is a collaborative process undertaken by both Top Energy and an applicant for the purpose of assessing whether an applicant has and can demonstrate the necessary systems and processes in order to become an Approved Contractor.

Contractor Approval Process
There are three stages to the Top Energy Contractor Approval Process which all applicants must satisfy before they can become approved to undertake specific Work on the Network. These stages are;

  1. Pre-Qualification Inquiry Stage (including Expressions of Interest).
  2. Detailed Application Stage
  3. Individual Employee Competency Authorisation Stage.

The Pre-Qualification Inquiry stage involves the applicant obtaining a clear understanding of Top Energy’s requirements, submitting a Pre-Qualification Inquiry Form for consideration, payment in accordance with the Fee Structure and an initial assessment by Top Energy on the merits of the Inquiry and Network requirements.

The Detailed Application stage requires the provision of more detailed information from the applicant and an in-depth assessment of the applicants documentation, systems processes and work practices.

The Individual Employee Competency Authorisation Stage involves the competency assessment of the individual employees who have been nominated by the Approved Contractor to carry out work on the network. Following assessment and interview, the employees will be required to attend a Safety Initiation and Orientation day at the Top Energy Network Office.

Fee Structure
The tabulated fees below (excluding GST) are ‘estimates only’ and are required to be paid to Top Energy at various stages of the Contractor Approval Process. Upon initial enquiry (Expression of Interest), formal application, or at some other stage of the approval process, Top Energy will determine the actual fee.

The fees are designed to cover the actual cost to Top Energy: for the preparation of documentation; the postage/handling/administration of documentation; the processing of applications; including the organisation and cost of system and field auditing. The actual fee’s payable may vary between contractors on the basis of:

  1. the type or classes of work on the Network applied for, and
  2. the anticipated volume of work to be undertaken.
Fee Structure* Estimate of Fee When Payable by contractor
Inquiry Fee $500 Upon submission of an Expression of Interest and request for a Authorised Contractor Pack
Pre-Qualification Examination Fee $1,500 Upon submission of a Pre-Qualification Application
Detailed Application Audit Fee $5,000 Upon submission of a Detailed Application form
Additional Information Fee $ Variable Upon Request for Further Information from Top Energy
AHC Application Fee $1,000 (per employee) Upon submission of an AHC application
Initiation and Orientation Course Fee $1,500 (per employee) Prior to Initiation and Orientation Course
Annual Audit Fee $2,500 Upon Each Anniversary of the ACS Agreement
Annual AHC Review Fee $750 (per employee) Upon Each Anniversary of the ACS Agreement

*Top Energy reserves the rights, at any time for any reason and with or without prior notice, to change its fees or fee structure and to introduce new fees. Fees are non-refundable in all circumstances.

To register an Expression of Interest in gaining a Top Energy Approved Contractor Licence, email