REMEMBER!  Working close to power lines and other electrical equipment can be dangerous.
Contractors and members of the public wishing to operate machinery in close proximity to Top Energy’s power lines or other electrical equipment are required to make application for the appropriate consents.


Close Approach Consent Policy

SAFETY FIRST: Think Safe – Work Safe

Follow the 4 metre rule: All work activity must be kept AT LEAST 4 METRES from overhead power lines. If you need to work closer you need a Close Approach Consent Certificate.

4m_iconDo not dig within 5 metres of a Top Energy power pole or other electrical equipment, without a Close Approach Consent Certificate. Depending on the depth of excavations, you may need additional pole supports to prevent poles collapsing. Top Energy can advise you and will provide supervision as required.

close-approachTop Energy’s Close Approach Consent Policy encompasses the documentation and procedures required for application of a Close Approach Consent by the public, or other parties, to work or excavate near Top Energy’s power lines, or other electrical equipment.







More Close Approach Consent Information

To apply for a Close Approach Consent online now, please click here.
To download or print a Close Approach Consent application form click here.
To download the NZECP 34 Regulations in full click here.


High Load

SAFETY FIRST: Think Safe – Work Safe

If you plan to transport any tall structure like a house or other oversized load, you must first apply in writing for a High Load Consent so we can check your proposed route to see if it is clear of overhead lines or other electrical equipment. We will then advise you accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: Top Energy requires a minimum five (5) working days notice before a High Load Consent Application can be approved.

To apply for a High Load Consent online now, please click here.

To download, or print out a High Load Application, please click here.