With the prospect of summer DIY projects on the horizon and more leisure time outdoors, Top Energy is reminding Far North consumers to take care around its electricity network.


Group Chief Executive Russell Shaw says a radio advertising campaign launched this week is alerting people of the hazards of electricity and to look up and look out for power lines.


“With the longer days and warmer weather it is a good time to remind people to be aware of the overhead lines and to know where our underground network is located before they start digging.”


Care should also be taken not to plant trees directly under lines. If they grow up into the lines they might need to be removed because they are likely to interfere with the power supply.


Mr Shaw says people are often focused on the task at hand – whether it’s around the house or out on the job – and forget to look out for lines.


“Power networks can be deadly and most times with electricity there are no second chances.”


Top Energy urges people planning any work that could bring them in close proximity to overhead lines to get in touch with them to obtain the necessary consents. The same goes for underground networks – find out where they are first before you start digging.


Call 0800 TOP ENERGY or visit www.topenergy.co.nz for more information.


CUSTOMERS: For all questions about your power supply and the status of repairs please contact the Top Energy call centre on 0800-TOPENERGY / 0800-867 363


MEDIA: For more information please contact: Philippa White

Philippa.white@topenergy.co.nz or 021 241 8740