Do not place shipping containers and other structures under the power lines as they pose a serious public safety risk.

This is the call from Tony Smallman, Top Energy’s Network Operations Manager who has become increasingly concerned about the numbers of containers placed under the company’s power lines.
“Shipping containers are becoming popular for use as secure storage sheds and a multitude of other purposes. However, when they are placed under or close to powerlines, they raise significant concerns for public safety.”

Mr Smallman says that despite safety campaigns being carried out, informing people to contact their powerlines company for advice on “how close is too close”, some people are placing containers, buildings and other structures too close to powerlines without approval.

“We fear that someone will get killed handling these objects near powerlines or by climbing on to containers or structures and getting electrocuted.”

The Electricity Act has a Code of Practice that details the responsibilities people have, to gain approval from the powerline owner to work close to powerlines and other electrical assets, or to gain consent to install or construct structures or objects close to powerlines. These rules are designed to keep people safe.

A copy of the Code of Practice can be accessed from the Top Energy Website along with the process to access and use Top Energy’s consenting and approval processes.

For more information please contact:
Philippa White / 021-2418740