Contracting Services


Reticulation Design & Construction

With significant skill and experience in sub-division and resort reticulation Top Energy Contracting Services offers clients a complete design and build solution, incorporating innovative and flexible project management, materials procurement and construction techniques.

Top Energy has a dedicated, experienced and skilled in-house design and drafting team offering innovative solutions to enhance project success. Design staff are fully aware of and have access to, the latest national and international standards. Predominant drafting standards are IEC 617 and NZS 1102. The team also has access to in-house protection, SCADA and IT specialists for the integration of remote control functionality if required.

In addition to providing full design services where required Contracting Services will obtain all necessary permissions and approvals from network owners, local authorities and other service providers to minimise the inconvenience to our clients and to enable the smooth completion of construction works.

Trenching3Underground & Overhead Reticulation

Contracting Services provides infrastructure asset owners with full design, construction and maintenance services for both underground and overhead reticulation (ranging up to 33,000-volt capacity). Top Energy also offers a business unit devoted to providing technical solutions with respect to sub-station servicing, protection testing and construction.

Live-Line Maintenance

Contracting Services has 5 Live-line equipped trucks and 25 Line Engineers who are specifically trained to work on electricity networks while they are energised.

This investment in equipment and staff training has had a dramatic effect in reducing the average number of minutes power consumers connected to Top Energy’s network have been without power due to planned line maintenance.

Cable Location & Faults Services

Contracting Services offers cable location services using hand held sensing devices. The Technical Services group also offers a fault location service for both underground and overhead reticulation using state of the art sensing equipment.

Vegetation-controlVegetation Control

Contracting Services has a highly skilled and experienced team of vegetation control operators and offers a vegetation control service in close proximity to live power lines as well as general vegetation control.

Customer Supply & Network Connection

Contracting Services has an established liaison with Energy Retailers and provides clients with new connections, disconnections, reconnections, inspections, theft investigations and any meter related service.