ContractingContracting Services is the contracting division of Top Energy Limited.

With over 100 core staff, the division is based in the Far North and operates from purpose built depots in Kaitaia and Puketona.

The Top Energy Network is one of Contracting’s major clients, where qualified technicians, line engineers and electricians provide the expertise required to operate and maintain the electrical distribution infrastructure, including a variety of essential plant and equipment. This includes two transmission substations, where power is supplied from the national grid, ten network substations across the line network and Top Energy’s geothermal power station at Ngawha.

Top Energy Contracting also provides a wide range of electrical reticulation services to external clients, such as local authorities, infrastructure owners, developers and sub-dividers. Specific services include:

  • Subdivision and Resort Reticulation design and construction
  • High and Low Voltage Underground cable and overhead reticulation design, construction and maintenance (ranging up to 33,000-volt capacity)
  • Live-line Maintenance
  • Cable Location and Fault Services
  • Vegetation control and
  • Customer Supply and Network Connection